Columbia Business School's Chazen Institute of International Business

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About the Institute
The Jerome A. Chazen Institute of International Business physically — and philosophically — represents the crossroads of internationalism at Columbia Business School, one of the top business schools in the world.

The Chazen Institute’s programs, initiatives and events provide a forum for collaboration and learning among students, faculty members, and the global community. Our on-campus and in-country offerings connect these constituencies with experiences, cultures, and practices in markets across the world. We offer programs to develop international perspectives in business practice and policy. As Business Week notes, we are a “magnet for students interested in a global education.”

To lead on the global stage, executives and policymakers must embrace cross-cultural interaction. As values and traditions shift, combine, and create themselves anew, the Chazen Institute offers the knowledge, networks, skills, and values required to make each exchange an opportunity.

The international nature of business is no longer news. It is a universally recognized reality. In 1991, our founder, Jerome A. Chazen, MBA ’50, recognized the need for a new kind of leader: one who understands cross-cultural issues and their impact on business.

The Chazen Institute offers events, programs, and resources to help students, faculty members, and the greater business community better meet the challenges of the global landscape.